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Written by Michael Lopez. Posted in Frontpage Blog

Do you have a junk, wrecked or broken car that is just taking up space? Did you know in some communities there are FINES for having a rusting, fluid leaking, bucket of bolts sitting on your property hurting the environment? Did you also know that there are tow companies that actually CHARGE you to remove your vehicle?  By calling us TODAY at 808-218-8916 you can get FREE junk car removal AND we'll even pay you the scrap value price of your car!  Don't get fined, don't pay to get your junk car removed. Call us TODAY and get an INSTANT OFFER and schedule FREE JUNK CAR REMOVAL today!  Junk Car Removal is as easy as ONE call to CASH FOR JUNK CARS at 808-218-891600F0F_cLg9jmN3CTc_600x450

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